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About us

Shine And Clean Services Pvt Ltd is a modern cleaning company in Kathmandu.
We offer deep-cleaning services for hotels, offices, hospitals, commercial and residential space. Our aim is to improve hygiene in Kathmandu.



Modern machine cleaning

Shine And Clean Services does not work with daily cleaning. Instead we clean what you can not clean yourself. We come on a regular basis (every week, every months or every 3-months) to clean things and places that is difficult to clean.
We have modern cleaning equipment, machines and chemicals. All our staffs are trained in cleaning and hygiene. We leave no spots behind but clean until it shines.
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Social responsibility

“Our aim is to improve hygiene in Kathmandu and improve the situation of cleaners in Nepal.”

Shine And Clean Services works according to the Fair Trade principles.
– Our staffs are paid well above average.
– We create good employment opportunities for poverty-stricken people, and help them in their economical as well as personal growth.
– All our staffs are well trained and has the proper safety guidance to work with.
– All staffs have insurance, paid maternity & paternity leave.
– We provide educational allowances to our staff’s children.